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Steps for taking your building maintenance and space management to the next level.

Starting Point

  • Building maintenance is expensive and inefficient partly because it is uncoordinated, with different methods for communication and documentation being used.
  • Our solution uses a building information map as the foundation on which people people from all disciplines can then work collaboratively to find, add, and update information over time.

Create a building information map

We have developed a process for converting existing floor plan drawings in all formats (dwg, pdf, and images) into a modern architectural BIM-model specifically made for Facility Management.

  1. If your building does not already have a BIM-model, we can provide you with one within 3 days.
  2. Upload the model to our platform and start to explore, share and add information.

Invite colleagues and discover new solutions

  • Start to use some core features like object search, issue reporting, real time data visualization, document upload, tenant-grouping of rooms, or scheduling maintenance.
  • The Vyer platform also makes it easy to request architectural updates to the BIM-model and map when modifications are made in the building.
  • The platform is web-based and user friendly. Every organisation has its own account and can invite as many users as needed.

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BIM: what is BIM and what makes it is good foundation for indoor maps?

Sensors: how can I get the data from my building's sensors onto a map?

How can I embed the Vyer maps into my organization's product?

Do I need to download an app?

Can I have multiple BIM files displayed at once?

Data ownership: how do I plan for the long-term access to data?

Access: how can I control who can see what?

Discover what we can do for your building!


Vyer Technologies is making the interior maps of buildings searchable, collaborative, and enriched with data from external and internal systems. The result is more efficient use of time and resources, and provides a more joyful experience working in and maintaining buildings.


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