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Enhanced workflows

Simplify workflows with access to rich equipment data. Search and share all equipment locations with indoor maps. Tag equipment with QR-codes.

Make building management a team effort

Give everyone the ability to view, add or edit building information and create work requests by simply inviting colleagues and external companies.

Aggregated data

By using BIM as foundation, all equipment info is available, such as model number, air flow rates and capacity.


Tag your equipment with QR-codes to get quick access to all information and easily report issues.

3D model management

Easily keep your 3D model up to date. Give the users of the building the ability to communicate changes directly to the BIM-modeler.

Object locations

Always know the location of every object and room in the building. Don't waste time looking for assets and documents.

Location with context

Having information in the same place makes it easier to understand locations' and objects' relationships to other objects, such as security access zones or HVAC equipment.

Equipment tracking

With searchable indoor maps you always know the location of all your technical equipment, presented in a list view or directly on indoor maps.

Share locations

Share the specific location of equipment, objects and rooms with maintenance personnel and tenants.

Smart search

Search through your building just as you search the web. Quickly find all object information with smart filter systems or simply by clicking on the object in the indoor map.

Building analytics

Get insight into the usage of the building and maximize tenant satisfaction and maintenance efficiency. It all starts with having easy access to the right data.

Object quantities

Quickly search for the quantities of objects in your building, such as the amount of doors, windows, desks or ventilation units, and filter on different object attributes.

Building information statistics

Find the sizes of rooms, tenants, and buildings. Link this information to square meter prices or lease and cleaning contracts.

IoT-sensor data

Display data from any IoT-devices or sensors in your building on a map. Vyer integrates with external systems and can display both real-time and historical data.

Building usage insights

Get insights into the usage of different parts of your building, like how many people move through rooms, doors, and elevators, and how satisfied they are.

Data visualization

Make your searchable indoor maps a visual database by importing your existing data and linking documents and photos to rooms and equipment.

Visualize tenancy

Get an overview of who sits where and how much space they use on indoor maps of your building.

Optimize space utilization

Understand at a glance how spaces are being used now and in the future. Optimize and plan storage, seating, or meeting rooms.

Dynamic and static data

Visualize both real-time sensor data such as temperature or currently available meeting rooms, as well as less quickly changing information like energy consumption.

Identify improvement areas

Visualize where issues have been reported and how long it on average took to resolve them.

Planning & Scheduling

We make it easy to work with both time and space. By looking at historical and upcoming events, it is possible to plan and schedule tasks more efficiently.

Easier planning

Get a summary of scheduled maintenance and inspections. Identify tasks that can be performed at the same time, and know beforehand which tools to bring

Track warranties

Keep track of purchase dates and warranty details for equipment. Never miss out on a valid warranty claim if something breaks.


Add inspection dates and intervals to objects and equipment.


Request to be reminded before a certain due date and you will receive a notification.

Information management

Import your existing building information and link documents and photos to rooms and equipment. Organise everything according to their location.

Import-export building information

Importing data into your building information maps is as simple as exporting it. Export data directly into your Excel spreadsheets.

Building information organized on a map

Link building information directly to the specific tenant, object, room or floor in the indoor map. The best way to organize building information.

Add photos and documents

Upload documents to objects by dragging-and-dropping them straight onto the map, or add photos right from your phone.

Import spreadsheet data

We provide support for getting data from spreadsheets and other tabular data formats onto the platform and into your building information maps.

Work orders

Receive maintenance requests and assign work orders. Simplify and automate workflows and boost tenant engagement.

Create work orders from any device

Create location-specific work orders from your phone, tablet or computer and directly include photos, text and documents.

Easily manage work requests

Easily assign the right people to work requests, and set priority, progress status, and due dates. Stakeholders will automatically be notified of relevant updates.

Make maintenance a team effort

Give all users of the building the ability to effortlessly report issues and create work requests.

Efficient workflow

Make prioritization, assignment, and planning easier by always having the exact location for reported issues available enahnced with photos and contact info.

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Vyer Technologies is making the interior maps of buildings searchable, collaborative, and enriched with data from external and internal systems. The result is more efficient use of time and resources, and provides a more joyful experience working in and maintaining buildings.


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