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Read about how we make building management and maintenance easier around the world. Made with extreme enthusiasm in Stockholm .

Our company

Vyer was founded in 2016 with the goal to radically improve how we manage and care for the buildings that we spend so much of our days in. Through experiences in architecture, real estate, and modern web-technology, we realized that there is a great need to solve issues managing all the information around buildings. We are now building a platform that provides a solution, in the form of searchable and collaborative indoor information maps, using industry file fomats.

Our mission

At Vyer we want to realize the future where we have access to information about indoor spaces as easily as we have access to street maps. We make it natural to find information about things and places inside a building by just searching for it on a map, exactly in the same way as we search for things when we are out in the city streets!

Regardless of if you are working in an office, or in a more hands-on role maintaining buildings, Vyer will make you able to find the information and location you are looking for. It could be real-time data about temperature and noise, the location of a meeting room, or the ventilation maintenance history.

When this information about our indoor spaces is made available to anyone who needs it, tedious work can be reduced and better decisions made. Our goal is that this makes the caring for buildings more sustainable and the experience of spending time in them more enjoyable.

Who we are

We are a growing international team with backgrounds spanning architecture, 3D-graphics, cleantech, and physics. We are empathic, curious, solving real problems, and seriously passionate about user experience. Based in Stockholm, with global ambitions.

Why you should join us

At Vyer we are building the new digital solutions that the whole real estate industry is talking about. As a member of our team you will be part of building a brand new product that helps people solve real-world problems in their work in all kinds of everyday situations. Behind the clean design and simple user experience, lies an awesome marriage of various technologies and concepts; IoT-sensor data, architectural file formats (BIM), WebGL, mobile-friendly web-apps, all wrapped up in a modern tech-stack that we feel proud of.

Apply through some of our currently open positions below, or contact us. We are always looking for great people to join our team!


Vyer Technologies is making the interior maps of buildings searchable, collaborative, and enriched with data from external and internal systems. The result is more efficient use of time and resources, and provides a more joyful experience working in and maintaining buildings.


Vyer Technologies AB
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